Distinct IntelliTerm - Developer Edition

Developer Edition includes the following host integration samples
  • "Connect" samples, available in C#, VB.NET, C++.NET and VC6, demonstrate how to create an IntelliTerm instance, connect to a remote host and perform basic terminal operations: sending keyboard input to the host and retrieving the screen contents ("screen scraping").

  • "Auto Login" samples, available in C#, VBA and JavaScript demonstrate how automatic login (i.e. logging to the host using the supplied credentials automatically) feature can be implemented. The C# version of the sample contains two variations: one for automatically logging in to a 3270 or 5250 system, and another for logging in to a Unix system (via VT emulation). VBA and JavaScript versions provide Unix (VT) functionality.

    The JavaScript sample is a command-line script for Windows Scripting Host platform that invokes IntelliTerm to connect and automatically login to a Unix host (via VT), execute a command and output the resulting host screen into a file or standard output.

    The VBA sample is a macro that connects to a Unix server specified in the A1 cell, logs in as the user specified in B1 with the password off C1 and runs whois command for the host name specified in D1. The output of the whois command is placed into E1.

  • Combination WinHLLAPI/OLE Automation Sample, available in C#, demonstrates how to use HLLAPI interface in conjunction with OLE Automation interface: OLE Automation is used to create a new IntelliTerm instance without having to preset any profiles, and WinHLLAPI is then used to perform Automatic Login and Screen Scraping, similarly to OLE Automation samples described above, plus unique WinHLLAPI features such as Keystroke Intercept and Close Intercept.

  • EHLLAPI samples, available in VB6 demonstrate, similarly to the WinHLLAPI sample, how to use EHLLAPI interface for various tasks. The XFER32 sample demonstrates the file transfer feature.

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